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University of Michigan psychologist Robert Zajonc analyzed photographs of couples taken when they were newlyweds and photographs of the same couples taken 25 years later.

The results showed that the couples had grown to look more like each other over time. The happier the couple said they were, the more likely they were to have increased in their physical similarity.

Zajonc suggested that older couples looked more alike because people in close contact mimic each other’s facial expressions. In other words, if your partner has laughs a lot, he or she will probably develop laugh lines around their mouth — and so will you.

Other evidence has also shown that men and women may be initially attracted to partners with similar personalities.

It turns out we may even be hard-wired to fall in love with people who have similar DNA. In a study of twins, University of Western Ontario scientists found that not only did participants tend to pick partners with similar genes; the spouses of the identical twins were also more alike than the spouses of non-identical twins.

Couples may start to look like each other because in some ways they already are like each other.



Escape: 3D Art by Yuki Matsueda

Incredible 3 dimensional art pieces by Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda.

Yuki was born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1980. He graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts
and has a PhD in Design.

“The desire to escape from the constraints and separate from the standard of the ordinary is what has inspired Matsueda for this series of works in 3D.”

Rough Drabble for IB


Mary Guaterna was the only child of Weiss Guaterna the famous artist. As a result, he loved the girl more than he loved his life. Every day, he’d sit her down to hear a little story about what happened in his day in the outside world,a smile crinkling the corners of his face were beard stubble had been left from his morning shave. Mary would laugh until her sides hurt from how her father would change his voice, loud and deep from his boss, to high pitched and squeaky from a little girl he met in his gallery. “And then-” he would say and both of them would erupt into laughter falling down on the floor, mirth filling the room.

 “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”

                                                                      - Anais Nin



Babies. Made by segakucing. I had 3 at first, but I gave one of them to (my friend who cosplayed as) Garry, hehe. Hope she has good days on Garry’s side.


Ib/らくがき | By:ユンケル/柚希きひろ

Permission to upload was granted by the artist

IB. Garry and Guertena by Sweety-Apple

Backstory (from the artist’s comments on deviantART):

Guertena had a beautiful daughter named Mary. He loved his child and cared for her, never left her alone. She resembled his wife, who died after giving birth to Mary and he would do everything to protect her, to keep her by his side. He couldn’t lose her, too.

She was his everything. Mary was a cheerful, smart and pretty girl. To help her father she decided to sell flowers that were raised in a little garden behind their small house. First Guertena strictly forbad that idea. But he wasn’t a rich man, so he let the girl do her business. His drawings weren’t selling well, so he could need a little support and was grateful. Still worried.

Mary wasn’t allowed to stay too long on the market, where she was selling her flowers. When the sun began to set, she has to take her flowers and go home. One day Mary didn’t return. After the sun set, Guertena nervously rushed to the market. People, who knew Mary and her father, confirmed they saw the girl leaving and making her way home. But she didn’t arrived home.

Guertena searched for her the whole night. No one found her. He begged the people of the small village to find her, but they gave up after several weeks. Guertena was lost in his worries. Where is she? Did someone took her? Is she… is she dead? Month passed, the man lost all his hopes, he was a mess. He heard someone knocking on his door.

Guertena opened the door and saw one of his neighbors, a young tall man standing in front of him. The face of the man was sorrowful. The words that came out of his mouth weren’t comprehensible for Guertena. His daughter was found dead. After being abused she was cut to pieces, her arms, her legs, her head. Her tiny torso layed in a huge puddle of blood. The eyes were torn out. Her fingers were cut off and her clothes ripped to pieces.

Guertena wanted to see the body, he denied the idea of Mary being dead. It must have been another girl. But it was her. Her blond hair, her blue eyes, her favourite green dress that was a birthday present. It all belonged to her. Guertena was devastated. He lost his one and only. He lost his mind.

He shut himself in his small house and haven’t left it since then. He began to draw bizarre pictures, create creepy sculptures. Mostly body parts. Hands, arms, heads, eyes. He remembered. But he wanted to forget. One day he drew her. His beautiful daughter. Finally they were reunited. She came back. Mary came back. ”

Read more about the artist’s interpretation of Weiss Guertena on the comic’s deviantART page!

 Posted with artist’s permission 



I am in love with Weiss Guertena.


Do you ever love someone so much that you cry because you want to huggle and snuggle them and give them smoochy woos and hold them and make them a dessert in the shape of a smiling animal face

This is the amount I love Weiss Guertena