The Black Key gleams...
Weiss Guertena is my king. ❤

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A variety blog dedicated to Weiss Guertena from the freeware horror game Ib. Roleplaying and asks encouraged! Please enjoy your visit.

Rules of the Art Gallery
No loud conversation
No photography
No food or drink
No touching the displays
No fountain pens
No leaving ever

Thanks to Automb for the sidebar art!

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I love Weiss Guertena

[12:55:48 AM] Mistress Guertena: http://guertena-art-museum.tumblr.com/post/93473774280/modeling-seductively-with-grandpas-grave-ok
[12:56:04 AM] shrek: that is u
[12:56:10 AM] Mistress Guertena: OH GOD]
[12:56:13 AM] Mistress Guertena: iahsf;kuash
[12:56:18 AM] Mistress Guertena: REST IN FRICKING PIECES
[12:56:20 AM] Mistress Guertena: granpa
[12:56:26 AM] shrek: modeling seductively with grandpa’s grave
[12:56:32 AM] Mistress Guertena: shit
[12:56:45 AM] shrek: “i’m not a model. the camera turned on by itself”
[12:56:54 AM] Mistress Guertena: no
[12:56:57 AM] Mistress Guertena: I turned the camera on
[12:57:00 AM] Mistress Guertena: if you get my drift


きっといつも君は知らなくて、手を繋いでもう遠くにいて、悲しみのつたが巻き上がる空こぼれる。Surely I’ll never understand you,And you’re too far to hold your hand,So the sky is rolled within vines of sadness. 


Surely I’ll never understand you,
And you’re too far to hold your hand,
So the sky is rolled within vines of sadness. 


Photographer: Rhiannon Jansma


Photographer: Rhiannon Jansma